Heritage Night at FCHS, March 20

From the Leadership program at Falls Church High School: Heritage Night is an amazing evening filled with food, games and cultural performances by our very own Falls Church students and faculty. In terms of YOUR involvement, we want you guys to come to Heritage Night and enjoy an evening filled with diversity and fun.

In addition, please spread the word to families and students about this event and if they have any interest in participating in the show or fashion show let us know! We’re looking for more involvement and what better way than to ask our Pyramid! If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us feel free to email us at FCHSLeadership@gmail.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Take Down the Stigma speaker series

Principal’s Project

Every year, LJMS PTA supports the Principal Project. Some of the examples are water stations and lunch tables. This year Principal Magliola’s vision is to renovate the school insignia in the front lobby and landscaping in front of the school. If you know any sponsor(s) and/or want help with these projects, please email to President@ljmspta.org.

Winter Dance Friday, February 21st

SCA is planning the Winter Dance for Friday, February 21st from 2:30-4:30 pm. Please volunteer to help sell tickets, provide snacks, and/or chaperone the dance. Food donations are also welcome.

VAPTA Contests and Scholarship Applications

Virginia PTA Citizenship Essay Contest
Virginia PTA Power Plates Program
Virginia PTA Scholarship Application
Virginia PTA Family Engagement Award

Welcome to the LJMS PTA

The Luther Jackson PTA strives to help our faculty and staff provide our students the tools they need to achieve academic and personal success. Your support, time and energy are greatly appreciated! Last year, thanks to our generous PTA members, we were able to purchase a complete laptop cart for the school, bringing us a little bit closer to our goal of one cart for every single classroom. We were also able to purchase the school’s first water bottle filling station. We plan to do even more terrific things this year!

Join & Support the PTA

Please support your child and the student community at LJMS by joining the PTA and making a donation to support the PTA. This is the ONLY school wide fundraiser we hold during the year. Your donation here means that students do not have the task of going door to door to collect money or deliver goods. Your support is crucial in covering the cost of field trips, student planners, staff appreciation, after school clubs, registration for school teams at competitions and more.

Become a member or donate to the PTA by completing form and mailing it back to the school with a check. You can also join the PTA or make a donation online using a credit card by clicking here.
NOTE: you will be charged a credit card fee of 3.3% + 0.50 per transaction.  

Food For Neighbors

At our January 11th collection event, we collected food (Red Bags) from 80 donors! Over 40 volunteers either drove to pick up those Red Bags or they sorted all of the food in the Jackson cafeteria. All of the contributions from the January event stayed within the LJMS community.

For our next event on March 7th, our goal is to have 200 committed Red Bag donors. We are currently about 50 donors away from meeting that goal. The more Red Bags we collect, the more food we will have to help support our school community. Two hundred committed donors would make a very big impact on families in our community facing food insecurity.

If you have more questions about the program, or want to get involved, reach out to our local FFN Event Coordinator, Terri Radziewski at tradzi@outlook.com

Request a New Bag
Get Involved

Red Bag Pickup dates in 2020: March 7, May 2, September 12

Please visit the website (www.FoodForNeighbors.org) for more details and sign up today. 

Box Tops for Education

Luther Jackson is collecting Box Tops for Education!  Every one of those little pink squares you find on packaging around the grocery store earns 10 cents for our school.  Please check the expiration date, clip them, and have your student bring them to the front office.  The PTA will do the counting and redeeming for us all. The money goes directly to our school.  Thanks for your help!